How to retrieve datasets of Cu2Se

Hello all,

I am trying to retrieve dataset for a compound Cu2Se, mp-16366. Looking at a few parameters like seebeck coefficient, temperature, thermal & electrical conductivity, but I could not see them when I did Where can I find them and what lines should I include in my search? Thank you

Hey @Murphy_Chan,

Looks like transport data is available as contributed data which you can query for using MPContribs API. This is the portal where you can go over to Carrier Transport and filter using the mpid as the identifier. You can also go to the Materials Explorer page of that material and check the “Contributed Data” entry there. It seems like there’s no transport data on that particular compound, though.

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Hello Firaty,

Thank you for the pointer. Are you referring to this data “Carrier Transport” in MPContribs

@Murphy_Chan yes, that’s the dataset @firaty is referring to. If you’re looking to download a subset of that data programmatically, please find an example of how to use the mpcontribs-client for it here.