How to run individual atomate analysis test starting from provided json

I am new to using atomate and would like to to explore its analysis capability for “” provided in “vasp/workflows/tests”, it loads a
json file “sample_tasks_multisite_spinpolarized.json” that fakes the results of
running the corresponding workflow, thus only tests the analysis step.

When I import “” into python within the atomate
environment, it appraently never enters the class specicied in the file. Therefore,
I am missing something. Any advise on how to run a single analysis test would
be great. I tried “python test” but apparently the openbabel python
bindings could not be found. tox would be another option according to the
atomate documentation but when running tox it cannot find a cfg file.

In any case, if anyone could provide insights into tthe correct calling sequence to
test a single workflow result starting from json and one of the test cases provided
by the atomate team, that would be great. Thanks on advance – Boris