How to run lammps simulation on amd ryzen7 5700g using all cores and all thread?

I used mpiexec -n 8 lmp -in to use 8 cores, I have 16 threads, but lammps using one thread, how to use all threads?

Do you mean it only uses one thread per core, i.e. there are 8 threads in total? If so this is expected. Basically the formula is like this:

[# of total threads] = [# of MPI processes] * [# of threads per process]

[# of threads per process] is usually 1 by default in LAMMPS, so that explains your observation. To “use all threads”, namely increase [# of total threads] to 16, you have two approaches:

  1. use 16 MPI processes, e.g. mpiexec -n 16;
  2. if your input script allows, use an acceleration style (INTEL, KOKKOS, or OPENMP) that supports OpenMP multithreading, so [# of threads per process] can be larger than 1. Check the documentation 7.4. Accelerator packages — LAMMPS documentation for details. For example, you may want to try INTEL style with this: mpiexec -n 8 lmp -sf intel -pk intel 0 omp 2. By omp 2 you are specifying 2 OpenMP threads per process, so [# of total threads] is 8*2=16. On the contrary, mpiexec -n 8 lmp -sf intel -pk intel 0 omp 1 would only invoke 1 thread per process.

However, please note that not all programs can benefit from hyperthreading, and it is quite possible that using all 16 threads will slowdown your simulation. Typically you should benchmark for your specific system to see whether the extra threads give a performance gain.

  • What platform are you running on?
  • How do you determine that only one thread is used?
  • What is the output of lmp -h?

Its windows,
in the log file it is written
output of lmp -h says compatible gpu present.

That is not the information I am looking for.

Actually, I am trying to decrease the time of run, which info you are looking for?

As I wrote, the output of lmp -h.

Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator - 23 Jun 2022 - Update 4
Git info (stable / patch_23Jun2022_update4)

Usage example: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\LAMMPS 64-bit 23Jun2022-MPI\bin\lmp.exe -var t 300 -echo screen -in in.alloy

List of command line options supported by this LAMMPS executable:

-echo none/screen/log/both  : echoing of input script (-e)
-help                       : print this help message (-h)
-in none/filename           : read input from file or stdin (default) (-i)
-kokkos on/off ...          : turn KOKKOS mode on or off (-k)
-log none/filename          : where to send log output (-l)
-mdi '<mdi flags>'          : pass flags to the MolSSI Driver Interface
-mpicolor color             : which exe in a multi-exe mpirun cmd (-m)
-cite                       : select citation reminder style (-c)
-nocite                     : disable citation reminder (-nc)
-nonbuf                     : disable screen/logfile buffering (-nb)
-package style ...          : invoke package command (-pk)
-partition size1 size2 ...  : assign partition sizes (-p)
-plog basename              : basename for partition logs (-pl)
-pscreen basename           : basename for partition screens (-ps)
-restart2data rfile dfile ... : convert restart to data file (-r2data)
-restart2dump rfile dgroup dstyle dfile ...
                            : convert restart to dump file (-r2dump)
-reorder topology-specs     : processor reordering (-r)
-screen none/filename       : where to send screen output (-sc)
-skiprun                    : skip loops in run and minimize (-sr)
-suffix gpu/intel/opt/omp   : style suffix to apply (-sf)
-var varname value          : set index style variable (-v)

OS: Windows 10 22H2, Windows ABI 6.2 (9200) on x86_64

Compiler: MinGW-w64 64bit 9.0 / GNU C++ 11.2.1 20211019 (Fedora MinGW 11.2.1-6.fc36) with OpenMP 4.5
C++ standard: C++14

Accelerator configuration:

GPU package API: OpenCL
GPU package precision: mixed
KOKKOS package API: OpenMP Serial
KOKKOS package precision: double
OPENMP package API: OpenMP
OPENMP package precision: double
INTEL package API: OpenMP
INTEL package precision: single mixed double

Compatible GPU present: yes

Active compile time flags:

sizeof(smallint): 32-bit
sizeof(imageint): 32-bit
sizeof(tagint):   32-bit
sizeof(bigint):   64-bit

Available compression formats:

Extension: .gz     Command: gzip

Installed packages:


List of individual style options included in this LAMMPS executable

* Atom styles:

angle           angle/kk        atomic          atomic/kk       body
bond            bond/kk         bpm/sphere      charge          charge/kk
dielectric      dipole          dpd             dpd/kk          edpd
electron        ellipsoid       full            full/kk         hybrid
hybrid/kk       line            mdpd            mesont          molecular
molecular/kk    oxdna           peri            smd             sph
sphere          sphere/kk       spin            spin/kk         tdpd
template        tri             wavepacket

* Integrate styles:

respa           respa/omp       verlet          verlet/kk       verlet/lrt/intel

* Minimize styles:

cg              cg/kk           fire            fire/old        hftn
quickmin        sd              spin            spin/cg         spin/lbfgs

* Pair styles:

adp             adp/kk          adp/omp         agni            agni/omp
airebo          airebo/intel    airebo/morse    airebo/morse/intel
airebo/morse/omp                airebo/omp      atm             awpmd/cut
beck            beck/gpu        beck/omp        body/nparticle
body/rounded/polygon            body/rounded/polyhedron         bop
born            born/coul/dsf   born/coul/dsf/cs                born/coul/long
born/coul/long/cs               born/coul/long/cs/gpu
born/coul/long/gpu              born/coul/long/omp              born/coul/msm
born/coul/msm/omp               born/coul/wolf  born/coul/wolf/cs
born/coul/wolf/cs/gpu           born/coul/wolf/gpu
born/coul/wolf/omp              born/gpu        born/omp        bpm/spring
brownian        brownian/omp    brownian/poly   brownian/poly/omp
buck            buck6d/coul/gauss/dsf           buck6d/coul/gauss/long
buck/coul/cut   buck/coul/cut/gpu               buck/coul/cut/intel
buck/coul/cut/kk                buck/coul/cut/omp               buck/coul/long
buck/coul/long/cs               buck/coul/long/gpu
buck/coul/long/intel            buck/coul/long/kk
buck/coul/long/omp              buck/coul/msm   buck/coul/msm/omp
buck/gpu        buck/intel      buck/kk         buck/long/coul/long
buck/long/coul/long/omp         buck/mdf        buck/omp        colloid
colloid/gpu     colloid/omp     comb            comb3           comb/omp
cosine/squared  coul/cut        coul/cut/dielectric             coul/cut/global
coul/cut/global/omp             coul/cut/gpu    coul/cut/kk     coul/cut/omp
coul/cut/soft   coul/cut/soft/omp               coul/debye      coul/debye/gpu
coul/debye/kk   coul/debye/omp  coul/diel       coul/diel/omp   coul/dsf
coul/dsf/gpu    coul/dsf/kk     coul/dsf/omp    coul/exclude    coul/long
coul/long/cs    coul/long/cs/gpu                coul/long/dielectric
coul/long/gpu   coul/long/kk    coul/long/omp   coul/long/soft
coul/long/soft/omp              coul/msm        coul/msm/omp    coul/shield
coul/slater/cut coul/slater/long                coul/streitz    coul/tt
coul/wolf       coul/wolf/cs    coul/wolf/kk    coul/wolf/omp   reax
dpd             dpd/ext         dpd/ext/kk      dpd/ext/omp     dpd/ext/tstat
dpd/ext/tstat/kk                dpd/ext/tstat/omp               dpd/fdt
dpd/fdt/energy  dpd/fdt/energy/kk               dpd/gpu         dpd/intel
dpd/kk          dpd/omp         dpd/tstat       dpd/tstat/gpu   dpd/tstat/kk
dpd/tstat/omp   drip            dsmc            e3b             eam
eam/alloy       eam/alloy/gpu   eam/alloy/intel eam/alloy/kk    eam/alloy/omp
eam/alloy/opt   eam/cd          eam/cd/old      eam/fs          eam/fs/gpu
eam/fs/intel    eam/fs/kk       eam/fs/omp      eam/fs/opt      eam/gpu
eam/he          eam/intel       eam/kk          eam/omp         eam/opt
edip            edip/multi      edip/omp        edpd            eff/cut
eim             eim/omp         exp6/rx         exp6/rx/kk      extep
gauss           gauss/cut       gauss/cut/omp   gauss/gpu       gauss/omp
gayberne        gayberne/gpu    gayberne/intel  gayberne/omp
gran/hertz/history              gran/hertz/history/omp          gran/hooke
gran/hooke/history              gran/hooke/history/kk
gran/hooke/history/omp          gran/hooke/omp  granular        gw
gw/zbl          harmonic/cut    harmonic/cut/omp
hbond/dreiding/lj               hbond/dreiding/lj/omp
hbond/dreiding/morse            hbond/dreiding/morse/omp        hdnnp
hybrid          hybrid/kk       hybrid/overlay  hybrid/overlay/kk
hybrid/scaled   ilp/graphene/hbn                ilp/graphene/hbn/opt
ilp/tmd         ilp/tmd/opt     kolmogorov/crespi/full
kolmogorov/crespi/z             lcbop           lebedeva/z      lennard/mdf
line/lj         list            lj96/cut        lj96/cut/gpu    lj96/cut/omp
lj/charmm/coul/charmm           lj/charmm/coul/charmm/gpu
lj/charmm/coul/charmm/implicit  lj/charmm/coul/charmm/implicit/kk
lj/charmm/coul/charmm/implicit/omp              lj/charmm/coul/charmm/intel
lj/charmm/coul/charmm/kk        lj/charmm/coul/charmm/omp
lj/charmm/coul/long             lj/charmm/coul/long/gpu
lj/charmm/coul/long/intel       lj/charmm/coul/long/kk
lj/charmm/coul/long/omp         lj/charmm/coul/long/opt
lj/charmm/coul/long/soft        lj/charmm/coul/long/soft/omp
lj/charmm/coul/msm              lj/charmm/coul/msm/omp
lj/charmmfsw/coul/charmmfsh     lj/charmmfsw/coul/long          lj/class2
lj/class2/coul/cut              lj/class2/coul/cut/kk
lj/class2/coul/cut/omp          lj/class2/coul/cut/soft
lj/class2/coul/long             lj/class2/coul/long/cs
lj/class2/coul/long/gpu         lj/class2/coul/long/kk
lj/class2/coul/long/omp         lj/class2/coul/long/soft        lj/class2/gpu
lj/class2/kk    lj/class2/omp   lj/class2/soft  lj/cubic        lj/cubic/gpu
lj/cubic/omp    lj/cut          lj/cut/coul/cut lj/cut/coul/cut/dielectric
lj/cut/coul/cut/dielectric/omp  lj/cut/coul/cut/gpu
lj/cut/coul/cut/kk              lj/cut/coul/cut/omp
lj/cut/coul/cut/soft            lj/cut/coul/cut/soft/omp
lj/cut/coul/debye               lj/cut/coul/debye/dielectric
lj/cut/coul/debye/dielectric/omp                lj/cut/coul/debye/gpu
lj/cut/coul/debye/kk            lj/cut/coul/debye/omp           lj/cut/coul/dsf
lj/cut/coul/dsf/gpu             lj/cut/coul/dsf/kk
lj/cut/coul/dsf/omp             lj/cut/coul/long
lj/cut/coul/long/cs             lj/cut/coul/long/dielectric
lj/cut/coul/long/dielectric/omp lj/cut/coul/long/gpu
lj/cut/coul/long/intel          lj/cut/coul/long/kk
lj/cut/coul/long/omp            lj/cut/coul/long/opt
lj/cut/coul/long/soft           lj/cut/coul/long/soft/omp       lj/cut/coul/msm
lj/cut/coul/msm/dielectric      lj/cut/coul/msm/gpu
lj/cut/coul/msm/omp             lj/cut/coul/wolf
lj/cut/coul/wolf/omp            lj/cut/dipole/cut
lj/cut/dipole/cut/gpu           lj/cut/dipole/cut/omp
lj/cut/dipole/long              lj/cut/dipole/long/gpu          lj/cut/gpu
lj/cut/intel    lj/cut/kk       lj/cut/omp      lj/cut/opt      lj/cut/soft
lj/cut/soft/omp lj/cut/thole/long               lj/cut/thole/long/omp
lj/cut/tip4p/cut                lj/cut/tip4p/cut/omp
lj/cut/tip4p/long               lj/cut/tip4p/long/gpu
lj/cut/tip4p/long/omp           lj/cut/tip4p/long/opt
lj/cut/tip4p/long/soft          lj/cut/tip4p/long/soft/omp      lj/expand
lj/expand/coul/long             lj/expand/coul/long/gpu         lj/expand/gpu
lj/expand/kk    lj/expand/omp   lj/gromacs      lj/gromacs/coul/gromacs
lj/gromacs/coul/gromacs/kk      lj/gromacs/coul/gromacs/omp     lj/gromacs/gpu
lj/gromacs/kk   lj/gromacs/omp  lj/long/coul/long
lj/long/coul/long/dielectric    lj/long/coul/long/intel
lj/long/coul/long/omp           lj/long/coul/long/opt
lj/long/dipole/long             lj/long/tip4p/long
lj/long/tip4p/long/omp          lj/mdf          lj/relres       lj/relres/omp
lj/sdk          lj/sdk/coul/long                lj/sdk/coul/long/gpu
lj/sdk/coul/long/omp            lj/sdk/coul/msm lj/sdk/coul/msm/omp
lj/sdk/gpu      lj/sdk/kk       lj/sdk/omp      lj/sf/dipole/sf
lj/sf/dipole/sf/gpu             lj/sf/dipole/sf/omp             lj/smooth
lj/smooth/gpu   lj/smooth/linear                lj/sf
lj/smooth/linear/omp            lj/sf/omp       lj/smooth/omp
lj/switch3/coulgauss/long       local/density   lubricate       lubricateU
lubricateU/poly lubricate/omp   lubricate/poly  lubricate/poly/omp
mdpd            mdpd/rhosum     meam            meam/c          meam/spline
meam/spline/omp meam/sw/spline  mesocnt         mesont/tpm      mgpt
mie/cut         mie/cut/gpu     mliap           mm3/switch3/coulgauss/long
momb            morse           morse/gpu       morse/kk        morse/omp
morse/opt       morse/smooth/linear             morse/smooth/linear/omp
morse/soft      multi/lucy      multi/lucy/rx   multi/lucy/rx/kk
nb3b/harmonic   nm/cut          nm/cut/coul/cut nm/cut/coul/cut/omp
nm/cut/coul/long                nm/cut/coul/long/omp            nm/cut/omp
nm/cut/split    oxdna2/coaxstk  oxdna2/dh       oxdna2/excv     oxdna/coaxstk
oxrna2/coaxstk  oxdna/excv      oxdna/hbond     oxdna2/hbond    oxdna/stk
oxdna2/stk      oxdna/xstk      oxdna2/xstk     oxrna2/dh       oxrna2/excv
oxrna2/hbond    oxrna2/stk      oxrna2/xstk     peri/eps        peri/lps
peri/lps/omp    peri/pmb        peri/pmb/omp    peri/ves        polymorphic
rann            reaxff          reax/c          reaxff/kk       reax/c/kk
reaxff/omp      reax/c/omp      rebo            rebo/intel      rebo/omp
resquared       resquared/gpu   resquared/omp   saip/metal      saip/metal/opt
sdpd/taitwater/isothermal       smatb           smatb/single    smd/hertz
smd/tlsph       smd/tri_surface smd/ulsph       smtbq           snap
snap/kk         soft            soft/gpu        soft/omp
sph/heatconduction              sph/idealgas    sph/lj          sph/rhosum
sph/taitwater   sph/taitwater/morris            spin/dipole/cut spin/dipole/long
spin/dmi        spin/exchange   spin/exchange/biquadratic       spin/magelec
spin/neel       srp             sw              sw/angle/table  sw/gpu
sw/intel        sw/kk           sw/mod          sw/mod/omp      sw/omp
table           table/gpu       table/kk        table/omp       table/rx
table/rx/kk     tdpd            tersoff         tersoff/gpu     tersoff/kk
tersoff/mod     tersoff/mod/c   tersoff/mod/c/omp               tersoff/mod/gpu
tersoff/mod/kk  tersoff/mod/omp tersoff/omp     tersoff/table
tersoff/table/omp               tersoff/zbl     tersoff/zbl/gpu tersoff/zbl/kk
tersoff/zbl/omp thole           threebody/table tip4p/cut       tip4p/cut/omp
tip4p/long      tip4p/long/omp  tip4p/long/soft tip4p/long/soft/omp
tracker         tri/lj          ufm             ufm/gpu         ufm/omp
ufm/opt         vashishta       vashishta/gpu   vashishta/kk    vashishta/omp
vashishta/table vashishta/table/omp             wf/cut          yukawa
yukawa/colloid  yukawa/colloid/gpu              yukawa/colloid/omp
yukawa/gpu      yukawa/kk       yukawa/omp      zbl             zbl/gpu
zbl/kk          zbl/omp         zero

* Bond styles:

bpm/rotational  bpm/spring      class2          class2/kk       class2/omp
fene            fene/expand     fene/expand/omp fene/intel      fene/kk
fene/nm         fene/omp        gaussian        gromos          gromos/omp
harmonic        harmonic/intel  harmonic/kk     harmonic/omp    harmonic/shift
harmonic/shift/cut              harmonic/shift/cut/omp
harmonic/shift/omp              hybrid          mm3             morse
morse/omp       nonlinear       nonlinear/omp   oxdna2/fene     oxdna/fene
oxrna2/fene     quartic         quartic/omp     special         table
table/omp       zero

* Angle styles:

charmm          charmm/intel    charmm/kk       charmm/omp      class2
class2/kk       class2/omp      class2/p6       cosine          cosine/buck6d
cosine/delta    cosine/delta/omp                cosine/kk       cosine/omp
cosine/periodic cosine/periodic/omp             cosine/shift    cosine/shift/exp
cosine/shift/exp/omp            cosine/shift/omp                cosine/squared
cosine/squared/omp              cross           dipole          dipole/omp
fourier         fourier/omp     fourier/simple  fourier/simple/omp
gaussian        harmonic        harmonic/intel  harmonic/kk     harmonic/omp
hybrid          mm3             quartic         quartic/omp     sdk
sdk/omp         table           table/omp       zero

* Dihedral styles:

charmm          charmm/intel    charmm/kk       charmm/omp      charmmfsw
class2          class2/kk       class2/omp      cosine/shift/exp
cosine/shift/exp/omp            fourier         fourier/intel   fourier/omp
harmonic        harmonic/intel  harmonic/kk     harmonic/omp    helix
helix/omp       hybrid          multi/harmonic  multi/harmonic/omp
nharmonic       nharmonic/omp   opls            opls/intel      opls/kk
opls/omp        quadratic       quadratic/omp   spherical       table
table/cut       table/omp       zero

* Improper styles:

class2          class2/kk       class2/omp      cossq           cossq/omp
cvff            cvff/intel      cvff/omp        distance        distharm
fourier         fourier/omp     harmonic        harmonic/intel  harmonic/kk
harmonic/omp    hybrid          inversion/harmonic              ring
ring/omp        sqdistharm      umbrella        umbrella/omp    zero

* KSpace styles:

ewald           ewald/dipole    ewald/dipole/spin               ewald/disp
ewald/disp/dipole               ewald/electrode ewald/omp       msm
msm/cg          msm/cg/omp      msm/dielectric  msm/omp         pppm
pppm/cg         pppm/cg/omp     pppm/dielectric pppm/dipole     pppm/dipole/spin
pppm/disp       pppm/disp/dielectric            pppm/disp/intel pppm/disp/omp
pppm/disp/tip4p pppm/disp/tip4p/omp             pppm/electrode
pppm/electrode/intel            pppm/gpu        pppm/intel      pppm/kk
pppm/omp        pppm/stagger    pppm/tip4p      pppm/tip4p/omp

* Fix styles

accelerate/cos  acks2/reax      acks2/reaxff    acks2/reaxff/kk acks2/reax/kk
adapt           adapt/fep       addforce        addtorque       append/atoms
atc             atom/swap       ave/atom        ave/chunk       ave/correlate
ave/correlate/long              ave/histo       ave/histo/weight
ave/time        aveforce        balance         bocs            bond/break
bond/create     bond/create/angle               bond/react      bond/swap
box/relax       brownian        brownian/asphere                brownian/sphere
charge/regulation               cmap            colvars         controller
damping/cundall deform          deform/kk       deposit         ave/spatial
ave/spatial/sphere              lb/pc           lb/rigid/pc/sphere
client/md       dpd/energy      dpd/energy/kk   drag            drude
drude/transform/direct          drude/transform/inverse         dt/reset
edpd/source     efield          ehex            electrode/conp
electrode/conp/intel            electrode/conq  electrode/conq/intel
electrode/thermo                electrode/thermo/intel
electron/stopping               electron/stopping/fit           enforce2d
enforce2d/kk    eos/cv          eos/table       eos/table/rx    eos/table/rx/kk
evaporate       external        ffl             filter/corotate flow/gauss
freeze          freeze/kk       gcmc            gld             gle
gravity         gravity/kk      gravity/omp     grem            halt
heat            hyper/global    hyper/local     imd             indent
ipi             langevin        langevin/drude  langevin/eff    langevin/kk
langevin/spin   latte           lineforce       manifoldforce   mdi/aimd
meso/move       mol/swap        momentum        momentum/chunk  momentum/kk
move            msst            mvv/dpd         mvv/edpd        mvv/tdpd
neb             neb/spin        nph             nph/asphere     nph/asphere/omp
nph/body        nph/eff         nph/kk          nph/omp         nph/sphere
nph/sphere/omp  nphug           npt             npt/asphere     npt/asphere/omp
npt/body        npt/cauchy      npt/eff         npt/gpu         npt/intel
npt/kk          npt/omp         npt/sphere      npt/sphere/omp  npt/uef
numdiff         numdiff/virial  nve             nve/asphere     nve/asphere/gpu
nve/asphere/intel               nve/asphere/noforce             nve/awpmd
nve/body        nve/bpm/sphere  nve/dot         nve/dotc/langevin
nve/eff         nve/gpu         nve/intel       nve/kk          nve/limit
nve/line        nve/manifold/rattle             nve/noforce     nve/omp
nve/sphere      nve/sphere/kk   nve/sphere/omp  nve/spin        nve/tri
nvk             nvt             nvt/asphere     nvt/asphere/omp nvt/body
nvt/eff         nvt/gpu         nvt/intel       nvt/kk
nvt/manifold/rattle             nvt/omp         nvt/sllod       nvt/sllod/eff
nvt/sllod/intel nvt/sllod/kk    nvt/sllod/omp   nvt/sphere      nvt/sphere/omp
nvt/uef         oneway          orient/bcc      orient/eco      orient/fcc
pafi            phonon          pimd            planeforce      plumed
poems           polarize/bem/gmres              polarize/bem/icc
polarize/functional             pour            precession/spin press/berendsen
print           propel/self     property/atom   property/atom/kk
qbmsst          qeq/comb        qeq/comb/omp    qeq/dynamic     qeq/fire
qeq/point       qeq/reaxff      qeq/reax        qeq/reaxff/kk   qeq/reax/kk
qeq/reaxff/omp  qeq/reax/omp    qeq/shielded    qeq/slater      qtb
rattle          reaxff/bonds    reax/c/bonds    reaxff/bonds/kk reax/c/bonds/kk
reaxff/species  reax/c/species  reaxff/species/kk
reax/c/species/kk               recenter        restrain        rhok
rigid           rigid/meso      rigid/nph       rigid/nph/omp   rigid/nph/small
rigid/npt       rigid/npt/omp   rigid/npt/small rigid/nve       rigid/nve/omp
rigid/nve/small rigid/nvt       rigid/nvt/omp   rigid/nvt/small rigid/omp
rigid/small     rigid/small/omp rx              rx/kk           saed/vtk
setforce        setforce/kk     setforce/spin   shake           shake/kk
shardlow        shardlow/kk     smd             smd/adjust_dt
smd/integrate_tlsph             smd/integrate_ulsph
smd/move_tri_surf               smd/setvel      smd/wall_surface
sph             sph/stationary  spring          spring/chunk    spring/rg
spring/self     srd             store/force     store/state     tdpd/source
temp/berendsen  temp/csld       temp/csvr       temp/rescale    temp/rescale/eff
tfmc            tgnpt/drude     tgnvt/drude     thermal/conductivity
ti/spring       tmd             ttm             ttm/grid        ttm/mod
tune/kspace     vector          viscosity       viscous         viscous/sphere
wall/body/polygon               wall/body/polyhedron            wall/colloid
wall/ees        wall/gran       wall/gran/region                wall/harmonic
wall/lj1043     wall/lj126      wall/lj93       wall/lj93/kk    wall/morse
wall/piston     wall/reflect    wall/reflect/kk wall/reflect/stochastic
wall/region     wall/region/ees wall/srd        widom

* Compute styles:

ackland/atom    adf             aggregate/atom  angle           angle/local
angmom/chunk    ave/sphere/atom ave/sphere/atom/kk              basal/atom
body/local      bond            bond/local      born/matrix     centro/atom
centroid/stress/atom            chunk/atom      chunk/spread/atom
cluster/atom    cna/atom        cnp/atom        com             com/chunk
contact/atom    coord/atom      coord/atom/kk   damage/atom     dihedral
dihedral/local  dilatation/atom dipole          dipole/chunk    displace/atom
dpd             dpd/atom        edpd/temp/atom  efield/atom     entropy/atom
erotate/asphere erotate/rigid   erotate/sphere  erotate/sphere/atom
event/displace  fabric          fep             fep/ta          force/tally
fragment/atom   global/atom     group/group     gyration        gyration/chunk
gyration/shape  gyration/shape/chunk            heat/flux       heat/flux/tally
heat/flux/virial/tally          hexorder/atom   hma             improper
improper/local  inertia/chunk   ke              ke/atom         ke/atom/eff
ke/eff          ke/rigid        mesont          mliap           momentum
msd             msd/chunk       msd/nongauss    nbond/atom      omega/chunk
orientorder/atom                orientorder/atom/kk             pair
pair/local      pe              pe/atom         pe/mol/tally    pe/tally
plasticity/atom pressure        pressure/uef    property/atom   property/chunk
property/local  ptm/atom        rdf             reduce          reduce/chunk
reduce/region   rigid/local     saed            slice
smd/contact/radius              smd/damage      smd/hourglass/error
smd/internal/energy             smd/plastic/strain
smd/plastic/strain/rate         smd/rho         smd/tlsph/defgrad
smd/tlsph/dt    smd/tlsph/num/neighs            smd/tlsph/shape smd/tlsph/strain
smd/tlsph/strain/rate           smd/tlsph/stress
smd/triangle/vertices           smd/ulsph/effm  smd/ulsph/num/neighs
smd/ulsph/strain                smd/ulsph/strain/rate           smd/ulsph/stress
smd/vol         sna/atom        snad/atom       snap            snav/atom
sph/e/atom      sph/rho/atom    sph/t/atom      spin            stress/atom
stress/cartesian                stress/cylinder pressure/cylinder
stress/mop      stress/mop/profile              stress/spherical
stress/tally    tdpd/cc/atom    temp            temp/asphere    temp/body
temp/chunk      temp/com        temp/cs         temp/deform     temp/deform/eff
temp/deform/kk  temp/drude      temp/eff        temp/kk         temp/partial
temp/profile    temp/ramp       temp/region     temp/region/eff temp/rotate
temp/sphere     temp/uef        ti              torque/chunk    vacf
vcm/chunk       viscosity/cos   voronoi/atom    xrd

* Region styles:

block           block/kk        cone            cylinder        ellipsoid
intersect       plane           prism           sphere          union

* Dump styles:

atom            atom/gz         atom/zstd       cfg             cfg/gz
cfg/uef         cfg/zstd        custom          custom/gz       custom/zstd
dcd             image           local           local/gz        local/zstd
molfile         movie           xtc             xyz             xyz/gz
xyz/zstd        yaml

* Command styles

balance         change_box      create_atoms    create_bonds    create_box
delete_atoms    delete_bonds    reset_ids       kim_init        kim_interactions
kim_param       kim_property    kim_query       message         server
displace_atoms  dynamical_matrix                dynamical_matrix/kk
group2ndx       hyper           info            mdi             minimize
ndx2group       neb             neb/spin        plugin          prd
read_data       read_dump       read_restart    replicate       rerun
reset_atom_ids  reset_mol_ids   run             set             tad
temper          temper/grem     temper/npt      third_order     third_order/kk
velocity        write_coeff     write_data      write_dump      write_restart

Ok. That means your executable is parallel computing capable.
Now, I need to see the log file created with the quoted mpiexec command line for one of the examples bundled with LAMMPS, e.g. the in.lj example in the bench folder or in.melt in the examples/melt folder.

should i run with this:
mpiexec -n 8 lmp -sf intel -pk intel 0 omp 2

Doesn’t matter. I just need to know the exact command line used that created the log file.

LAMMPS (23 Jun 2022 - Update 4)
OMP_NUM_THREADS environment is not set. Defaulting to 1 thread. (src/comm.cpp:98)
  using 1 OpenMP thread(s) per MPI task
package intel 1
package intel 0 omp 2
# 3d Lennard-Jones melt

units		lj
atom_style	atomic

lattice		fcc 0.8442
Lattice spacing in x,y,z = 1.6795962 1.6795962 1.6795962
region		box block 0 10 0 10 0 10
create_box	1 box
Created orthogonal box = (0 0 0) to (16.795962 16.795962 16.795962)
  2 by 2 by 2 MPI processor grid
create_atoms	1 box
Created 4000 atoms
  using lattice units in orthogonal box = (0 0 0) to (16.795962 16.795962 16.795962)
  create_atoms CPU = 0.001 seconds
mass		1 1.0

velocity	all create 3.0 87287 loop geom

pair_style	lj/cut 2.5
pair_coeff	1 1 1.0 1.0 2.5

neighbor	0.3 bin
neigh_modify	every 20 delay 0 check no

fix		1 all nve

#dump		id all atom 50 dump.melt

#dump		2 all image 25 image.*.jpg type type #		axes yes 0.8 0.02 view 60 -30
#dump_modify	2 pad 3

#dump		3 all movie 25 movie.mpg type type #		axes yes 0.8 0.02 view 60 -30
#dump_modify	3 pad 3

thermo		50
run		250
Using INTEL Package without Coprocessor.
Compiler: MinGW-w64 64bit 9.0 / GNU C++ 11.2.1 20211019 (Fedora MinGW 11.2.1-6.fc36)
SIMD compiler directives: Disabled
Precision: mixed
Generated 0 of 0 mixed pair_coeff terms from geometric mixing rule
Neighbor list info ...
  update every 20 steps, delay 0 steps, check no
  max neighbors/atom: 2000, page size: 100000
  master list distance cutoff = 2.8
  ghost atom cutoff = 2.8
  binsize = 1.4, bins = 12 12 12
  1 neighbor lists, perpetual/occasional/extra = 1 0 0
  (1) pair lj/cut/intel, perpetual
      attributes: half, newton on, intel
      pair build: half/bin/newton/intel
      stencil: half/bin/3d
      bin: intel
Per MPI rank memory allocation (min/avg/max) = 7.951 | 7.951 | 7.951 Mbytes
   Step          Temp          E_pair         E_mol          TotEng         Press     
         0   3             -6.7733683      0             -2.2744933     -3.7033504    
        50   1.6842867     -4.8082494      0             -2.2824509      5.5666134    
       100   1.671258      -4.7875608      0             -2.2813005      5.6613921    
       150   1.644473      -4.7470997      0             -2.2810069      5.8614345    
       200   1.6471534     -4.7508991      0             -2.2807866      5.880556     
       250   1.6645782     -4.777449       0             -2.281206       5.7525584    
Loop time of 0.0666262 on 16 procs for 250 steps with 4000 atoms

Performance: 1620982.721 tau/day, 3752.275 timesteps/s
67.4% CPU use with 8 MPI tasks x 2 OpenMP threads

MPI task timing breakdown:
Section |  min time  |  avg time  |  max time  |%varavg| %total
Pair    | 0.030592   | 0.031034   | 0.031567   |   0.2 | 46.58
Neigh   | 0.005158   | 0.0056151  | 0.006386   |   0.5 |  8.43
Comm    | 0.023531   | 0.024699   | 0.025673   |   0.4 | 37.07
Output  | 0.000124   | 0.0001265  | 0.000135   |   0.0 |  0.19
Modify  | 0.004195   | 0.0042853  | 0.00442    |   0.1 |  6.43
Other   |            | 0.0008665  |            |       |  1.30

Nlocal:            500 ave         510 max         492 min
Histogram: 1 2 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1
Nghost:        1818.75 ave        1838 max        1805 min
Histogram: 1 0 1 4 0 0 1 0 0 1
Neighs:        18973.5 ave       19725 max       18329 min
Histogram: 1 2 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 1

Total # of neighbors = 151788
Ave neighs/atom = 37.947
Neighbor list builds = 12
Dangerous builds not checked
Total wall time: 0:00:00

This shows that the run is using all requested processor cores.
However, the 67% CPU utilization suggests that there are other tasks outside of LAMMPS occupying the CPU. So it is probably faster to not use threads on top of MPI, i.e. use omp 1 instead of omp 2. With 2 threads per core, there should be something close to 200%. With 1 thread per core, it should be close to 100%. If this is still significantly lower with reducing the threads, then there is something else consuming significant CPU resources. You cannot run on more resources than what is available.

This clearly contradicts your original statement that LAMMPS is not using the processors. It does, and all of them.

can I use integrated gpu? if yes,than how?

What is the output of ocl_get_devices?
What pair style are you using?

`Found 1 platform(s).

Platform 0:

Device 0: “gfx90c”
Type of device: GPU
Supported OpenCL Version: 2.0
Is a subdevice: No
Double precision support: Yes
Total amount of global memory: 6.0481 GB
Number of compute units/multiprocessors: 8
Total amount of constant memory: 5063639040 bytes
Total amount of local/shared memory per block: 32768 bytes
Maximum group size (# of threads per block) 256
Maximum item sizes (# threads for each dim) 1024 x 1024 x 1024
Clock rate: 2 GHz
ECC support: No
Device fission into equal partitions: No
Device fission by counts: No
Device fission by affinity: No
Maximum subdevices from fission: 8
Shared memory system: Yes
Subgroup support: No
Shuffle support: No`

I am tired of having to ask the same questions multiple times. You don’t seem to properly appreciate that people here volunteer their time and thus make an effort yourself to minimize how much time is spent on your questions (since several of those would be superfluous had you properly studied the available documentation). Don’t expect any responses from me in the future unless you make an effort to follow common internet forum etiquette more closely.

Your GPU is compatible with some pair styles but very weak. Not sure if it is worth using it. You have already been pointed to the part of the manual discussing accelerators. Please study it carefully.