How to smooth the xrd output data

When I compute the xrd of amorphous materials, the xrd signals are accompanied by a lot of noise signals. I am confused about which method I can use to smooth the output data. I can use smooth method such as savitzky-Golay, and I can use FFT-Filter low pass to remove the noise signal as well. Because I have no idea about the nature of the noise, it’s difficult for me to choose which method to use to smooth the xrd output data. Maybe someone has the same experience as me?

Neither of those make sense. If your data is noisy, it is either because you have chosen too fine a resolution, or because you haven’t run your simulation for long enough or use insufficient settings to collect enough data for averaging, or both. Since you are doing a reciprocal space calculation, the FFT filter would be equivalent to choosing a coarser resolution.

Thank you very much! I will continue to try.