How to transform restart file into data file in lammps ?


My lammps version is lammps-stable (17 Nov 2016 ). I use restart command ’ restart 50 tmp.restart ’ in input script, then I get a series of files including tmp.restart.50, tmp.restart.100 and so on. Next I need to transform tmp.restart.50 into datafile. I read lammps manual and use the command ’ -restart tmp.restart.50 remap datafile '. But it does’t work. It shows : No command ’ restart ’ found, did you mean : command ’ restart ’ from package ’ upstart ’ (main), -restart : command not found.

I don’t know how to solve this problem. How to transform restart file into datafile in lammps (version of lammps-stable 17 Nov 2016)? Tkanks a lot.

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Shuting Wang

Only time for a short reply.
Take a look at these pages from the documentation:

forgive me if I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do

hope this helps


$ lmp_mpi -restart restart2.2000000 datafile.out

no issue with the lammps version (24 Mar 2017)