How to use MAEAM potential in lammps?

Dear Users, I was wondering if I can use MAEAM (modified analytical embedded atom method) type potential in lammps. There are ways to use eam and meam type potential , but I am having trouble using MAEAM in lammps.

These are some of the references for maeam work.

what troubles?

the situation is quite straightforward when you read the LAMMPS manual:

  • to use the MEAM potential you need to use the meam/c pair style.
  • for that you need a LAMMPS binary that has the USER-MEAMC package included.
  • how to use the meam/c pair style specifically is explained in the documentation for it in the manual.


i forgot to add, MAEAM specific does not exist in the official LAMMPS distribution. you can easily see that from the manual, too: if it is not mentioned, it is not available.
people may have implemented it, but nobody has (yet) contributed an implementation.
if a paper claims to have used LAMMPS you need to look up the specifics in that particular paper and/or contact the author(s) for how to get the implementation.