How to use qlaunch rapidfire for LSF

when I use qlaunch to launch firework task in LSF system. qlaunch singleshot is ok. But when I
use qlaunch rapidfire mode to execute three yaml tasks. I encounter the following probems.

2020-02-28 10:53:44,086 INFO getting queue adapter
2020-02-28 10:53:44,087 INFO Found previous block, using /soft/apps/Chem/fireworks/Fireworks_1.9.5/fw_tutorials/queue_test/block_2020-02-28-02-40-56-772358
2020-02-28 10:53:44,104 ERROR ----|vvv|----
2020-02-28 10:53:44,105 ERROR Error trying to get the number of jobs in the queue
The error response reads: bjobs: invalid option – ‘o’
Usage: bjobs [-h] [-V] [-w |-l] [-a] [-d] [-p] [-s] [-r] [-A]
[-m host_name] [-q queue_name] [-u user_name | -u all]
[-P project_name] [-N host_spec]
[-J name_spec] [-g job_group]
[jobId | “jobId[idxList]” …]

2020-02-28 10:53:44,106 ERROR ----|^^^|----


  • _fw_name: ScriptTask
    script: echo “howdy, your job launched successfully!” >> howdy.txt

_fw_name: CommonAdapter
_fw_q_type: LoadSharingFacility
rocket_launch: rlaunch rapidfire
queue: debug
ntasks: 20
account: null
job_name: null
logdir: /home/dell/.fireworks/
pre_rocket: null
post_rocket: null
launch_dir: /soft/apps/Chem/fireworks/Fireworks_1.9.5/fw_tutorials/queue_test
_fw_template_file: /home/dell/LoadSharingFacility_template.txt

thanks in advance


It appears your server may be using a different version of the bjobs command than expected by FireWorks.

You may have to add another adaptor type to FireWorks itself. For example, you can see the current implementation of the LSF adaptor here:

and here: