Hybridization and DOSFeaturizer of Matminer for an ASE database (C2DB)

I am trying to use ElementProperty, DOSFeaturizer and Hybridization from matminer to create monolayer descriptors.

But DOSFeaturizer and Hybridization are not working fine perhaps due to the difference in parsed and expected dos objects, as last 30 columns of dataframe are empty. Here’s the error

Is there a way to convert ASE dos objects from C2DB database to pymatgen dos, so that matminer can understand it? I am a fresher in this field, please guide me a bit.

On the web version of database, projected DOS plots are available. Still, the corresponding json file (results-asr.pdos.json) seems to contain no valuable information, which shows that data regarding pdos plot is perhaps missing. Same was observed for the projected bandstructure. How can I obtain the data for projected dos?