hydrodynamics interaction

Could i use fix langevin for motion of monomers of polymer along with fix srd to account for hydrodynamics interaction in dynamics of polymer?
Are these commands ( fix srd and fix langevin ) in conflict with together?

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I answered this Q already (below) - yes, they
are in conflict.


There are various subtle issues with thermostatting
SRD particles, which is why fix srd has its own thermostatting
option (see fix srd tstat). I suggest you use that
instead of fix langevin. If you want to use fix langevin
on the large particles (polymer monomers in your case?)
that would be fine, although odd, since the SRD particles
will thermostat the polymer. By using fix langevin you're adding
a 2nd thermostat of implicit background particles, when
you already have explicit background particles (the SRD ones).