I Installed lammps by pre-compiled RPM packages , but I get "mpirun noticed ..... exited on signal 11 (Segmentation fault)."

Hi everyone
I installed lammps by pre-compiled RPM packages (Non-MPI LAMMPS executable compiled multi-threading support via OpenMP. The name of the executable is: lmp_g++
). Then I installed openmpi myself. I can successfully run ReaxFF simulations (RDX) in examples with 4 core.However, when I run my own input I got this error:

mpirun noticed that process rank 0 with PID 14438 on node localhost.localdomain exited on signal 11 (Segmentation fault).

Here is my input and data.file

units real
boundary p p p
atom_style full
read_data coro.data

pair_style reax/c NULL
pair_coeff * * ffield.reax C H

compute reax all pair reax/c

variable eb equal c_reax[1]
variable ea equal c_reax[2]
variable elp equal c_reax[3]
variable emol equal c_reax[4]
variable ev equal c_reax[5]
variable epen equal c_reax[6]
variable ecoa equal c_reax[7]
variable ehb equal c_reax[8]
variable et equal c_reax[9]
variable eco equal c_reax[10]
variable ew equal c_reax[11]
variable ep equal c_reax[12]
variable efi equal c_reax[13]
variable eqeq equal c_reax[14]

neighbor 2.0 bin
neigh_modify every 10 delay 0 check no

fix 1 all nvt temp 0 2000 100
fix 2 all qeq/reax 1 0.0 10.0 1.0e-6 reax/c
fix 3 all reax/c/bonds 200 bonds.coro
fix 4 all reax/c/species 10 10 100 corospecies.out

thermo 100
thermo_style custom step temp epair etotal &
v_eb v_ea v_elp v_emol v_ev v_epen v_ecoa &
v_ehb v_et v_eco v_ew v_ep v_efi v_eqeq

timestep 1.0

dump 1 all atom 100 dump.reaxc.rdx

#dump 2 all image 25 image.*.jpg type type &

axes yes 0.8 0.02 view 60 -30

#dump_modify 2 pad 3

#dump 3 all movie 25 movie.mpg type type &

axes yes 0.8 0.02 view 60 -30

#dump_modify 3 pad 3

run 100000


Pair Coeffs