Incorrect argument error for pair coefficients

I need to model titanium for a lammps simulation. But the used potential file is causing error.Following is written in the input script,

and this is the error i get,

I opened the cpp file indicated in the error (line 52)
the first two args are * and then the potential file, same as in the input script

this is the file structure

The paper from which I am modeling, adopted a manybody potential

I downloaded the following file
This is written in lammps format.

If someone could point out the source of error I would really appreciate it.

As you say, the error comes from line 52, not 57. So the error has nothing to do with the stars (* *), but the number of arguments. You need to read the documentation more carefully.

Isn’t there 3 arguments. First 2 are * and third one is the name of file?

If that was the case, LAMMPS would not throw an error, but it does, right?
So check the documentation for the eam/fs pair style again.