Increment loop variable by a desired step

Hi all

I wish to define a variable working as a vector in math, like, N1:step: N2, that is, an integer series of N1 to N2 incremented by step.

I’m familiar with loop style, however, how can I insert step in this fashion?

The easiest workaround is to use an auxillary index and then use as a variable that index multiplied by step, e.g.

variable i index 1
variable step equal 40
variable N1 equal 20

run 1000 every 10 “variable N equal ‘v_N1 + v_i*v_step’” “next i”

Some commands might be syntactically incorrect as I do not use index or “run … every” very often, but I hope you get the idea.
If you are not using run you could use loop and jump and stuff and then just add some logic that makes everything stop once N reaches N2.