Input file for cylendical shape of Li-Na-K-F mixture

you’ve asked for advice and i have given you advice and i stand by it. what i have described is how i would set up such a system.
now you are telling me, that you want to have a different advice, because of important information that you have withheld in your original query.

in other words, you have made me waste my time, which is something that i don’t like (or do you like to waste your time?).
that puts you on my “naughty” list and you’ll have to hope for some other of “santa’s helpers” being in a better mood than you put me in.

how to create an input for LAMMPS is described in the LAMMPS manual, and there are several tools listed at:

good luck and happy holidays,

Thanks for the message. I have asked another question and different methode to create a data file to be used by lammps. I do not think that is a wasting of time of anybody. You could ignore answering my question if you thougt that is of wasting the time. Thanks.