Input File Templates Sor-08 Hands on Equilibrium Calculations

I’m going through the equilibrium hands on tutorial from the 2013 lammps workshop,

In item #2 on the first page two input files are mentioned/needed, “in.msd_template”, and “in.vacf_template”.

I’m having trouble locating these two input files on the lammps website & examples directory.

A copy of these inputs from any participants would be appreciated.

Apologies if these can be easily constructed.



SoR_08-HandsOn_Equilibrium_Calculations.pdf (100 KB)

The first submission of this message bounced back.

Sorry for the repeat message.

SoR_08-HandsOn_Equilibrium_Calculations.pdf (100 KB)

you’ll need to contact the author of that talk - Jeremy or
Matt I believe?