input for LAMMPS workshop

Hi all - the yearly LAMMPS workshop
is in 3 weeks on Aug 9-11. See
this link if you interested in details
of the program or still want to attend:

My question for the mail list is as follows.
What new features are you most interested
in seeing added to LAMMPS?

There will be a developer's session where
we discuss this, so we're interested in
everyone's input, even in you're not attending.

Possible suggestions include:

new pair style (or other potential)
new fix (boundary condition, constraint, etc)
new diagnostic (compute)
new particle (atom) style to enable a different
   kind of MD-like model
performance enhancements
enhanced compatiblitiy with other codes
better pre- or post-processing tools
ways to make LAMMPS easier to use,
  e.g. build method, documentation, tutorials, etc

If you have a specific suggestion, you
can send me an email directly
(sjplimp at, or you can post it to
the mail list if you think others may want
to comment. If you're interested in
actually working on the feature, please
indicated that too.


The “v-rescale” thermostat of Bussi et al.: