Install python wrapper on Mac with homebrew install

Hi friends, I am a new user to LAMMPS. I have installed the software on my M1 Mac using brew install and it works great. I would like to install the python wrapper as well to incorporate LAMMPS into some Jupyter notebooks. Any clue as to how to do this? Most of what I can find on the docs are using the makefiles but from what I can see in my homebrew install (located in /opt/homebrew/Cellar/lammps/20210929-update2/) there are just the executables, no makefiles. Maybe I’m missing something, but terribly confused.


If you want support for building the LAMMPS python wrapper with homebrew, you have to consult with the homebrew folks. This is not a method of installing LAMMPS that is maintained by the LAMMPS developers, we merely mention it for convenience of people.

If you want to compile LAMMPS as a shared object and with the python module included from source on your own, you need to consult the LAMMPS manual. There are detailed installation instructions with two main strategies: using traditional GNU make files, that may need editing and adjusting and using CMake with its way of configuring by setting CMake variables/definitions.