Is it possible to simulate electromigration using LAMMPS?

Electromigration occurs when a metal in the presenece of a dc current, that is, the transfer of mass.
So far, electromigration has been studied through the nonequilibrium Green’s function method and density functional theory (NEGF-DFT). But is it possible to conduct relevant research through LAMMPS?

What LAMMPS can do is mentioned in the documentation. If it is not in the documentation, the feature does not exist.

In LAMMPS you can apply an external electric field so that all atoms with a charge are subject to an additional force due to their charge and the strength of the field. Whether that is sufficient for your purpose is something that only you can decide. If you need a different representation, you may need to implement that.

Generally speaking, a question of “can you do X with LAMMPS” is often best answered with looking up in the published literature whether “X has been done with classical MD”. If you can find some publication(s), then you have to look at the description of the models and methods and then compare to the LAMMPS documentation to see if what you need to use is available.