Is LAMMPS forum is still active?


During the last 6 months, I have not received any response to my inquiries to LAMMPS. Is the Forum with this address still active?

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During the last 6 months, I have not received any response to my inquiries to LAMMPS.

how is it then possible that you thanked somebody for a response just a month ago?

Is the Forum with this address still active?

yes, as you can see from the archive overview, there are around 350-400 emails each month. since you are not subscribed, you do not see any communications outside of what is sent to your personal e-mail account, too.

however, please understand that there is no entitlement to receive an answer to inquiries to this mailing list.
this list is a volunteer effort and thus is depends on people being able to and being willing to answer.
so if you don’t receive (m)any replies your inquires you are either asking something that people don’t know how to answer, or you are asking in a way that people don’t want to respond to, or about something where people think you should better figure it out by yourself (e.g. from the available documentation, or text books, or publications).

i cannot talk about how others on this list handle what kind of request and who they answer to and when not, but i personally have a low tolerance for people who ask questions that can be easily answered from reading the manual or display a large amount of ignorance and no indication to change their ways. thus after after giving people fair warning (except in extreme cases), i set up a filter so i don’t see their future e-mails (except when i notice them while cleaning out the trash folder) and do not get upset (like i used to before using e-mail filters).

since i found this e-mail by chance while cleaning out my trash folder, there must have been some exchange in the past, that made me decide not wanting to reply to you anymore. i do not recall what that may have been (there are far too many e-mails that i write to remember them all), but the fact that you are making a claim (no response for 6 months), that can be easily proven wrong is not working in your favor. considering that i currently provide the majority of responses to inquiries on this list (other core LAMMPS developers have been very busy over the last years), your chances to get a response to any inquiry are largely reduced.