Issue with Born Potential

I am trying to make atom 2 use the born potential to be attracted to atom 1. I cannot seem to find the issue but the atoms will not go toward each other unless I add an outside force. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

units		si #material can be metal, in this case use si
dimension	3 #number of dimensions this will run in
#boundary 	p p p #Periodic(atoms can go on the side of the boundary come back the other way), fixed(atoms dissapear), shrink-wrapped(boundary moves with particles)
boundary 	f f f
atom_style 	full

read_data 	data_1bead_diffusion.tri

pair_style none

bond_style 	harmonic
angle_style 	harmonic

group	F	 type 1
group	S	 type 2 #stickiness on the bottom of the model

angle_coeff 1 1.39E-22 180
bond_coeff 1 100 1e-9

timestep 	20e-15
reset_timestep	0

atom_modify	sort 0 2
run_style 	verlet

neigh_modify delay 0 every 1 check yes page 500000 one 50000
neighbor 1E-14 bin

dielectric 80.0
pair_style hybrid/overlay coul/debye 1e9 2e-9 born 10e-9 
pair_coeff * * coul/debye 
pair_coeff 1 1 none
pair_coeff 2 2 none
pair_coeff 1 2 born 1.65 5.3e-8 5.1e-9 0 9

fix 		1 all langevin 300 300 3.8507e-12 6030 zero no #axes 1 1 1
fix		  2 all nve

thermo 		    10000
thermo_style 	multi
dump            VMD0 all xyz 50000

run		850000

It is impossible to make an assessment without the data file.