Jenkins continuous integration source code

Just curious where I can find the source code for the Jenkins CI/CD pipeline:

Not too familiar with Jenkins, but I usually spot a .yml file with other frameworks (e.g. travis, circle). Wasn’t the case with lammps

That is because Jenkins works differently. It is configured with a web interface. Is there anything specific that you are interested to learn from the Jenkins configuration?

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I see.

Just hoping to get a better idea of the build system. In particular, the exact container configurations and commands used to compile for Windows with mingw-w64.

I found the documentation for that process below, but was hoping to find usage examples too:

Usage examples of what?

The canonical source for information on building LAMMPS is the manual. If it is missing specific information please point it out and explain why that would be needed.

Also, I am curious: is there a particular reason why you cannot use the precompiled windows binaries?