kim-api-v1.7.2 released -- bug fixes and minor improvements

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the release of kim-api-v1.7.2 available immediately at:

This release includes various bug fixes and improvements.

The NEWS entry for this release is:

=== kim-api-v1.7.2 ======================================================

* Updated copyright years in files

* Rewrite of INSTALL file to provide a significantly improved description and
   instructions for build and installation of the KIM API

* Fix error checking bug in ex_test_Ar_multiple_models Test

* Improve the build and install process to better follow standard conventions
   for library soname values.

* Increased the maximum number of species supported by the example Tests to 200

* Fixed bug in example Tests related to maximum number of supported species

* Updated 'make clean' so that it removes all old library files in the source

* Fixed default make target for Parameterized Models

* Fixed a bug in the installation process associated with the use of DESTDIR

* Fixed a regular expression error in the build system

* Fixed memory leak in internal KIM API code

* Added sanity check to make sure that the 'xxd' utility is available

* vc_forces_numer_deriv now outputs configuration energy

* Documentation updates