Kokkos-CUDA question.

Dear users and developers,

I am trying to run the kokkos-CUDA accelerator, but it seems to be a hard task.

I was able to compile lammps with the kokkos package (gcc 4.8.2 CUDA Toolkit 7.0 Lammps-15May15).

But when I try to run lammps with kokkos enabled (mpirun -np 1 lmp_kokkos_cuda -k on g 1 -sf kk -in in.lammps) I always get this error:

ERROR: Package cuda command without USER-CUDA package enabled (…/input.cpp:1505)

I tried with enabled and disabled user-cuda on compilation.

There is a special combination of gcc/cuda versions in order to kokkos work?


You should not mix user-cuda and kokkos packages together. I bet you defined “package cuda” in your input script, which is not necessary.


Bingo Ray!

Now it is working, much thanks for the advice.