lammps-daily can run with reax type force fields?

Hi all,

that is not quite correct. building an as complete as (technically and
legally) possible LAMMPS executable requires a bit more fiddling and

Are there any plans to simplify the build-process of LAMMPS e.g. changing
the build system? There is a document [1], which is aimed at upstream developers

unlikely. over the years, people have suggested different build
environments, but so far nobody has actually implemented any of it so
that it is used in general. there are certain requirements that the
current system supports that are not easy to implement with other
schemes. the best way to convince people to change is to demonstrate
superiority of the alternative. i have issues myself with the current
system, but - so far - i have not come up with a convincing
alternative, so i keep adapting to what we have.

and contains tips regarding many questions including build-system.
If you have an interest, please, have a look.

you can see what is done with the corresponding RPM builds here:;a=blob;f=tools/rpm/lammps.spec;hb=HEAD

Thanks, I will take a look. But I would not do too much "hacks" in
build-scripts to prevent build failures.

no comment.