LAMMPS errors - Segmentation fault and address not mapped

This worked for me with a brand new build (19 Oct 2012 from SVN update),
so it's one of (a) one of the bugs in the last nine days worth of
revisions (see the "bugs" page, but it doesn't look promising) fixed the
problem (not likely...), (b) your executable is corrupt, or (c) my build
is somehow different from yours in a way that doesn't jump at me.

I also verified that this works on a 11-Sep-2012 and a 21-Dec-2011 build,
so I suspect something is wrong locally. I also checked for 1 vs. 3 or 4
MPI processes, and that's not it either.

I'd suggest verifying which packages you have installed (especially with
respect to angle styles), but it seems like you should get an error if
that were the problem.

Good luck!

Karl D. Hammond