Lammps for cenos7

Dear all lamppser
Now i want to install lammps in hpc using cenos7 . I search on internet but no result. Pls everyone help me.
Thanks so much

Perhaps your search results would be more useful, if you spelled CentOS correctly. :wink:

That said, the canonical resource for finding information about installing LAMMPS is the LAMMPS manual. 2. Install LAMMPS — LAMMPS documentation

Most likely you will need to download the source code and build LAMMPS specifically with the tools and libraries optimized for your cluster: 3. Build LAMMPS — LAMMPS documentation
If you are unfamiliar with this, ask your local HPC support or more experienced colleagues for help.

Thanks for reply
currently my hpc system is using centos7. we tried installing following instructions from this web: Rangsiman Ketkaew - Installation of LAMMPS for RHEL and CentOS zalo
but don’t succeed. i don’t reason. pls help me

As I already stated, please follow the instructions in the LAMMPS manual. They are the only authoritative instructions. They are very detailed and complete and have been revised and improved over many, many years. Also, the instructions in the manual are always consistent with the specifics of the LAMMPS version at hand.

If you rather follow alternative instructions from some person on the web, you are free to do so, but you cannot expect any LAMMPS developer or user to help you. You have to ask the person that put those instructions online. Please also watch out for the age of those instructions. There is a lot of outdated information online that people posted when they were working on it, but they may be obsolete by now.

Nobody can help you without you providing more information about what failed and how.
If you do not know to do this you probably should not be doing computational research on an HPC cluster in the first place until you have learned basic skills in compiling software from source code and asking for help in a meaningful and constructive way.