lammps in intel xeon phi

Dear all:

I am not sure if i should post here or in intel xeon phi forum about the problem. I have compiled a lammps build with xeon phi support by following that recipe. My compilation is successful. But i cannot run the job. I tried to run test case from src/USER_INTEL/TEST. I tried in a single node(20 processor) without any package using following command

mpirun -np 20 …/…/…/src/lmp_intel_phi -in -log none -v b 0 -v s off

I am ended up getting following error.

Hi Masrul,

Have you successfully tested/used offload on the system with another application besides LAMMPS?

Can you give the version of LAMMPS, the compiler version, and the MPI that you are using?

If you can, please add the -gdb flag to your mpirun command below to use with a debugger. You will need to type ‘run’ when the debugger starts up. After it crashes,

please type ‘bt’ to get the line number for the crash and send.

Best, - Mike