Lammps ladder modeling?

Dear lammps users,
Hello, how do I use the lammps modeling command to build a ladder platform? Are there any modeling examples?

What is a “ladder platform”?

ladder platform,A trapezoidal table is something like the picture below. Is there anything I can do?F1TE$ZH4)SH8BX6R~VK5DH

You can create any kind of geometry by writing a script/program that generates a data file (the format is discussed in great detail in the read_data command — LAMMPS documentation

Also such a geometry can be built from defining a region as a union of multiple “block” regions and then using the create_atoms command — LAMMPS documentation to fill it with atoms according to the then current lattice settings.

You can also use Moltemplate to build this kind of fancy structure with an intuitive scripting language. Otherwise, the program will let you use a PDB, XYZ or LAMMS-DUMP file to import the structure and write a formatted data file.

Thank you Mr. Professor for your reply, obviously this problem is difficult for me to solve.

Thank you Mr. Professor for your reply