LAMMPS on Windows

Hi, everyone!

With Visual studio in windows, I tried to compile the recentrly updated codes I had just downloaded.

But compile failed especially, first of all, on the source file “atom_vec_body.cpp” because

there is no header file ‘style_body.h’ included within the downloaded package, which seems to be necessary for further process.

What can I get the header file ‘style_body.h’?

What is the proper answer for me to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance for your best regards.

On a Linux make, the style*.h files are all generated
automatically via the script (which make invokes).

Not sure how that is supposed to work on Windows.

You could try creating an empty style_body.h file
which should be fine (e.g. via touch) if you aren’t building
with the BODY package installed.