Lammps Package Problems

Dear Lammps users,
I have just installed lammps using the Cmake method. I followed the commands in the instructions step by step. The lmp executable file was created successfully. But when I tried the msst file which is a sample in the example folder where came from the installation progress, it showed:

ERROR: Unrecognized fix style 'msst' is part of the SHOCK package which is not enabled in this LAMMPS binary. (src/modify.cpp:907)
Last command: fix msst all msst z 28.0 q 200 mu 3e2 tscale 0.01

I checked some information and ran the command “make yes- SHOCK” in the lammps/src folder. Then I ran “make package-status” to check if the SHOCH package was installed successfully. It returns:

Installed YES: package SHOCK

But when I run msst again, I still have the same issue.
I would like to know what is wrong here and how to proceed!
Thank you very much for your answer!

You copied the source code, but did not compile a new executable.

Thanks for your reply !
So, I need to run “cmake …/camke” to compile it again?

You are mixing the steps for the conventional build and the CMake based build.
That is not allowed and will result in errors. For CMake you select packages differently: 3.6. Include packages in build — LAMMPS documentation

That will only prepare a build with no packages included at all.

Yes, I understand! Using “make yes-SHOCH” is not allowed in cmake mode!
But I was using cmake …/cmake/preset/all_on.cmake to build the lammps, but I still can not use not only SHOCK package, but many other packages !
I read the link you sent to me. I can not understand the command “-D PKG_NAME=value”. How can i use it ? When i type it in the terminal, it returns “-D: command not found”!

Don’t use this option unless you know what you are doing (which you obviously don’t). It will install a whole bunch of packages that have additional prerequisite steps that need to be performed first. See 3.7. Packages with extra build options — LAMMPS documentation

Instead, you want to use the basic or most preset: 3.6. Include packages in build — LAMMPS documentation

If you do not understand such a simple step, then I cannot help you. You are probably best off to ask for assistance from somebody local that has some minimal experience in compiling software (does not have to be LAMMPS).

I understand ! Really thanks for your help !

Please also see this document with some more detailed explanations on using CMake: 8.6.1. Using CMake with LAMMPS tutorial — LAMMPS documentation