#lammps pair_style sw/mod maxdelcs 0.25 0.35

Dear all

 I am reading the documentation of pair_style sw/mod page. I found that there is an example for Mo and S system as shown below:

pair_style sw/mod maxdelcs 0.25 0.35
pair_coeff * * tmd.sw.mod Mo S S

I want to use this potential but can’t find the file: “tmd.sw.mod”.

Anyone can give me this file?

Thanks very much and I would appreciate it if you can give me help.


tm.sw.mod is in lammps/potentials for future reference
tmd.sw.mod (10.9 KB)


But when I run the command, I got the following error:

ERROR: Unknown pair style sw/mod (…/force.cpp:246)
Last command: pair_style sw/mod

I have installed the required “MANYBODY” packadge.

Thanks very much!


But is your LAMMPS version recent enough? The error message suggests that it is not. Pair style sw/mod was added in version 14 December 2021:

When checking the documentation you always must use the documentation that matches your LAMMPS version. The online documentation corresponds to the latest version.