Hi, beginner to the whole coupling procedure. From either side of SPPARKS or LAMMPS, make doesn’t seem to recognize the Makefile.g++ provided in the example code. Am I missing something? Should I just call both from Python instead of building this new executable? I’ve made the shared libraries already. Running on Ubuntu 20.04 within Oracle Virtualbox, SPPARKS 7Jun22 distribution, and latest release of LAMMPS (23June2022).
‘make’ returns no targets specified and no makefiles found. ‘make Makefile.g++’ returns 'nothing to be done for ‘Makefile.g++’. The command in the README ‘g++ -f Makefile.g++’ no longer seems to support the -f option and without it, the file format is not recognized.

Please be reminded of the “IMPORTANT NOTE” comment at the top of the README file.

Perhaps @sjplimp has some updated information. You may need to contact him directly at [email protected] for assistance and ask him to verify and possibly update the files in that folder for current versions of LAMMPS and SPPARKS.

That would be an error in the README file. This would have never worked. Try make -f Makefile.g++ instead.