LAMMPS support for ASE - LAMMPS logo?

Dear Steve et al,

Together with help from others I have contributed a so-called
calculator for LAMMPS to ASE
available within the current development version
It does not (yet) make use of any more direct Python bindings,
but relies on communication via standard input and output
(as well as data files) at the moment. This certainly has
the advantage of not requiring any special LAMMPS build,
but might be extended accordingly in the future.

Now the developers have asked for a logo to be added to the main
web page (s.a.). I have cropped and scaled the first frame of the
recently added LAMMPS logo to the requested size (attached!)
and now wonder
a) whether anyone would mind to see it as "waving the LAMMPS flag"
on the ASE web pages and
b) if there might be a better choice instead?



That's the only logo I have - feel free to use it if you like.


2011/3/31 Jörg Meyer <[email protected]>:

That's the only logo I have - feel free to use it if you like.

couldn't this be a topic for the next LAMMPS workshop?

a competition for a recognizable LAMMPS logo


Thanks, I will pass it on to the ASE people then for now.

To bad that I will miss that workshop.

Best wishes,