LAMMPS Symposium, March 27/28 2014 @ ICTP is now accepting submissions for talks and posters

The LAMMPS Symposium to be held at ICTP in Trieste, Italy on March
27/28 2014 is now accepting submissions for contributed talks and
posters. Scientists using LAMMPS in their research are invited to
present their recent discoveries and showcase the flexibility and
power of LAMMPS as a simulation engine. Keynote speaker will be Steve

The symposium will be organized in a similar fashion to the previous
workshops in Albuquerque, i.e. there is no conference fee, there is no
travel support, there will be no meals provided.
Please note that the symposium by itself is organized independently
from the previously announced workshop(s) at ICTP. Accepted workshop
participants do not need to apply for the symposium unless they want
to contribute a talk or poster on LAMMPS.

To reiterate the sequence of events:

March 10-21 2014, Workshop on Advanced Scientific Software Programming
and Management
more info and application form are at:

March 24-28 2014, Workshop for advanced LAMMPS users and LAMMPS developers
more info and application form are at:

application deadline for both events is 1 december 2013.

March 27/28 2014, LAMMPS Symposium. application form is at:

application deadline is 1 February 2014.

if you have any questions about any of these events, please contact me
personally at [email protected]

hope to see you in trieste next march,