[lammps-users] A few question for using lammps

I was trying to simulate deposition between metals with atom_style: granular and eam but it could not work.
When I runs lammps2005 to do the simulation it shows :Incorrect args in pair_style command
Can the atom style be used by combining the EAM and Granulay.
If I can simulate thin film deposition with lammp2005 ?
And is my direction of combining EAM and grain correct?

John : [email protected]...

following is my input script:


Steve may wish to comment on this one as well. But in
the meanwhile, let me just say that it seems strange
to me that you would want to simulate a hybrid
granular/eam system. My guess is that you don't want
to use granular at all. Can't you use do a purely eam
simulation? If not, perhaps an eam/atomic hybrid
system would make sense.


LAMMPS doesn't allow granular + EAM as a hybrid simulation. Actually you
can't use granular at all in hybrid simulations. There are technical
reasons for this, but Paul is right that it doesn't really make sense
physically. Granular is a coarse-grain force field and EAM is atomistic.
Also, granular is in LJ units and EAM is metal units ...