[lammps-users] about angular momentum!

Dear support, in my simulation I need to print out the angular momentum of the center of mass due to a specific group of atoms along the simulation. In the variable command I do not fount this possibility.
How can I perform that print?


You'd have to extend the variable.cpp yourself, or write a compute to do it.
Or post-process it.


There was already a group function to compute this, so it was
trivial to add - the 19May patch added a angmom() function
to the variable syntax - try it out ...


Ok thanks, if it’s not a great effort it is possible to add also inertia and omega so that it is possible to access to all the functions in the groups.h


2010/5/19 Steve Plimpton <[email protected]>

I'll put it on the list, but you have the code, so have at it.


Added an inertia() and omega() function for group/region
to the variable command. See the 30May10 patch.