[lammps-users] About Dissipative particle dynamics

Hi all users,
in my simulation im using nve ensemble, dpd and poiseuille flow. I tried to make changes in the example problem for the poiseuille flow but although there are results for 100.000 runs after about 300.000 runs the system’s energy and volume increases. i would like to ask whether this is the appropriate problem example to use for my simulation and what should i do for my simulation so as to keep constant volume. Thanks in advance. Dimitris

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The example problem in examples/flow/in.flow.poiss
sets the y boundary condition to shrink-wrap so the system
volume (in the 2d problem) can adjust to the pressure
in the flowing fluid as the flow develops. If you don't want
that, just change the boundary condition and don't
use fix aveforce for the top wall atoms.