[lammps-users] About DPD of LAMMPS


I used the DPD package of lammps to do some research that is about polymer phase separation. So the first classical case I repeated is from the paper of R.D.Groot and T.J.Madden (J.Chem.Phys.,Vol.108,No.20,22 May 1998). The system and parameters I chosen is described as follows:

(1)Description: A5B5

(2)No. particles: 24000

(3)Box: 202020(so the density of the system is 3)

(4)aii and aAB: 25;40

(5)timestep: 0.04

(6)noise and friction parameters: 3.67;6.75

(7)spring constant: 4.0(and the equivalent bond length is 0)

According to the result of the paper, the final phase of this system is lamellar(Fig.7 of the paper). But I could not gain the correct result of the paper. I tested all the parameters and asked many people for help, but I failed all the time.

I have no idea that whether there are mistakes in the files of In and Data and I do not know how to do. Please help me to check the files and give me some advices.

Thank you……