[lammps-users] About fix deposit

Attached is a test script that uses fix deposit.
I suggest you compare it to yours and figure
out what is going wrong.


2009/9/11 弓晓晶 <[email protected]...>:

in.deposit (848 Bytes)

  Thank you for your help.
  However, it is seems that if you want to use "fix deposit". You should not
use the atom_style as molecular. However I need to first read my data in. If
use the atomic for atom_style, there is an error " Invalid atom style".
   I have also try to delete the "units box" in command "region", there is
an error " Deposition region extends outside simulation box"
   I still can not add any atoms by using fix deposit. I have sent the files
in the attachment if it is convenient for you, could you give me more
   I really want to control how to use the command correctly.
Best wishes,


data.m-bulk (95.5 KB)

in.m-injuct1-min (1.73 KB)

Hi, I have solved the "fix deposit" problem. It can work well.

I still have another question about indentation.
I want to simulate the indentation of InN. However there is no pair
potential for InN itself and with other materials. Does this mean I can not
do this simulation? Can I use tersoff potential for the InN indentation
Best wishes,