[lammps-users] about library poem

I have a question about making the latest lammps10-Nov-05. It compiles fine
but can't link. The error message says '-lpoems' can't be found. It looks
like this poem library is a new one which doesn't appear in previous version
of lammps. Does anyone know what it is and where I can find it?


Never mind. I got it.
    The argument '-lpoems' can only be found in Makefile.g++ and
Makefile.linux. It seems the argument can be simply removed without causing
any trouble.

Yes, the poems library is optional. Poems is a
multi-rigid body simulation package that we are
interfacing with LAMMPS, but the interface is still
not ready. In the meanwhile, LAMMPS works fine without
it. That -lpoems line was inadvertantly left in those
makefiles. -Paul