[lammps-users] About modifying the source code

Hello everyone
I am trying to generate a few randon atoms in the
simulation box with atomic simulation.
I want to dump the new atoms in order to show the
interaction between the generated atoms and old atoms
But I didn't not find any function in new version of
lammps can attain this purpose
Is there anyone can tell me what part of the source
code is related to this kind of things or is there any
file in the src dir. can provide similier function.
Btw I try to modify the "fix_insert" but it seem to be
Thank you all !

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There is no command to randomly insert atoms in a 3d box, which
would likely be a bad idea (some would be too close). The create_atoms
command will create a lattice of atoms. Otherwise just make a file
of coordinates yourself and read them in. Or write your own
routine to do it and make it a new LAMMPS command.