[lammps-users] about the fix ave/spatial cmd


I am writing a fix based on "fix ave/spatial" command, however, i can
only find the two lines which involved the parameter "nevery":

  nevery = atoi(arg[3]);

if (nevery <= 0) error->all("Illegal fix ave/spatial command");
  if (nfreq < nevery || nfreq % nevery)
    error->all("Illegal fix ave/spatial command");"


but i did get different results when i changed "nevery", so I am
wondering how lammps implement this "nevery" feature?

THank you guys.


Take a look at the "end_of_step_every" variable in modify.cpp. On line
776 of modify.cpp "nevery" is stored there:

end_of_step_every[n++] = fix[i]->nevery;

I hope this helps.