[lammps-users] add lammps_local_hessian package

Dear LAMMPS uers,

Please tell me how to in the makefile add the lammps_local_hessian in the Package variables.

Best regards,

Wu Minbo

This is not a package that is part of LAMMPS. You have to contact its authors for any assistance with it.

Please let me add, that unless you want to install/uninstall said package regularly, there is no need to have add-on software integrated into the package system. Just copying the files to the lammps/src/ folder should be sufficient.

That still does not guarantee easy sailing since the LAMMPS code has seen some significant internal changes since we switched to requiring the C++11 standard and thus software written for older versions of LAMMPS will not likely compile with the current version without some programming to update it. that is a major downside to not integrate add-on packages into the distribution: the individual developers or their “customers” are required to do that porting work on their own without assistance of the LAMMPS developers.