[lammps-users] aio.h and cygwin

when i want to bulid lammps in cygwin, i first setup cygwin and mpi ,but when I setup mpi-1.2.5 ,i got include file error that the aio.h can not find in romio/adio/ad_ufs/ad_ufs.h (no such file)


You're not going to want to run LAMMPS in parallel
under cygwin, so there is no need for the mpi library
--- you can just use the STUBS that come with LAMMPS.
Just go into the STUBS directory and type "make", then
compile LAMMPS by typing "make cygwin" in the src

Problems with the mpi library are probably best
addressed in a cygwin or mpi library forum rather than
a LAMMPS forum.

I hope this helps!