[lammps-users] ave/spatial command

Dear Lammps user’s,

I want to get the velocity profile in y dimension for vx price in different x coordinates. I mean that for example for x=0.0 and y=0.0 - 20.00 i want to get the vx profile. Is there a way to do that??? Cause if i get the fix ave/spatial command i get the velocity profile in the x dimension or in the y dimension (for example for y=0.0 -20.00 i get the vx profile in y dimension but for all the x width, and the opposite for the x dimension) ??

Thanks very very much in advance. Jim


Are you using all ( as a group in fix command). I think in the fix ave/spatial command, if you use a group which is a thin slab ( of whatever x-coordinates you want), it should you your job. You can define a region first and then make it a group. You can many of such slabs at different values of X and used one fix ave/spatial for all of them.

I hope this helps.

2008/6/27 ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΛΑΔΑΣ <diladas@…447…>:

Fix ave spatial will take the average of any quantity (vx,vy,vz) in any
dimension (x,y,z).


2008/6/27 ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΛΑΔΑΣ <[email protected]...>: