[lammps-users] Best visulising tool in mac

Hello guys
I am a beginner to use LAMMPS, right now I am using it for practice on Macbook, but I will work for my experiments using Linux. I need a recommendation , what would be the best visulising tool to use in macbook ?

  • VMD is not supporting mac
  • VSim for mac is not available on the website
  • vesta is not making good correspondence with LAMMPS files
    your recommendation will be appreciated

please see: https://lammps.org/viz.html

VMD does support MacOS, but the Apple engineers make it rather difficult to keep up with their changes to basic libraries and hardware, so you may need to download the latest alpha version of VMD. The latest full release of VMD is quite old now.

…and I forgot to mention that LAMMPS can do some basic visualization, too: https://docs.lammps.org/dump_image.html

Dear Dr. Axel
thanks , your recommendation is helping.
best regards
Irslan Ullah Ashraf