[lammps-users] box/relax command

Hello L. Wan sir,
Thanking you very much
Update means i have to download the whole and compile it again. Or is there any others way to do that.

Sir, my second question was that how can i store or make an file of some variables. For example, After using the following commands i what to make a file that store only (zhi-zlo) and v_vv. Hope i can able to clear my question.
variable vv equal ((c_pp[1]+c_pp[2]+c_pp[3])/(3*vol))
thermo_style custom step xlo xhi ylo yhi zlo zhi v_vv

Thanking you one again.


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If you don't have src/fix_box_relax.cpp then yes you need to download
the latest version of LAMMPS.

You can use the fix ave/time command to dump any quantity to a file,
including variables that store the values you mention below.