[lammps-users] Buckingham potential with coulombic effect

I have been working with the Li-Al-O system and in the past I have consulted you with that and you have been very helpful.

On this occasion I wanted to ask about the Buck/coul interaction. My current potential in lammps looks like this. It is a Buckingham potential between the elements.

pair_style buck 10
pair_coeff 1 1 160 0.285710 0.16

pair_style buck 10
pair_coeff 1 2 100 0.6 0.1

As I already suggested in a previous exchange, you need more help than what can be provided via e-mail and a mailing list.
Your examples, questions, reasoning and the fact that you seem to be unable to locate the answer to such an elementary problem by yourself indicate that you need proper in-person tutoring. You should be aware that you have a research group with significant expertise in using LAMMPS in your very same department. So why learn the hard way, if you have a more effective and convenient way to obtain the knowledge you need just around the corner?

Alright I shall try.