[lammps-users] Building Lammps

Hello people,

So I am trying to build lammps, but I get an error for like this:

make[1]: *** [fft3d.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/guest/lammps/lammps-2Sep09/src/Obj_linux'
make: *** [linux] Error 2

For most of the the fft3d files I get a "not declared in this scope" error or "has no member named error". I am very new to linux and am not sure what to do. I have installed fftw any suggestions?


Not enough info to diagnose this. Your src/MAKE/Makefile.foo
has settings for FFT libraries. If it doesn't point to where you installed
FFTW then you'll have problems. Or you can set -DFFT_NONE
and you won't need/use FFTs. All of this is discussed in doc/Section_start.html