[lammps-users] Compile cpp and h file in src

To whom may concern,
             The proposed potential in published work: "Lennard-Jones type
pair-potential method for coarse-grained lipid bilayer membrane simulations
in LAMMPS" seems can not be compiled in the most recent lammps(the work is
published 4-5years ago, some of the code in cpp and h file does not fit
because I utilized 2015 version of lammps can compile it). Could anyone
give some suggestions about this problem?

The potential file is attached to this letter.

Thanks any suggestions or attentions in advance!


*Wenhao Yao*
*First-Year Ph.D. Student*

fluidmembrane.tar.gz (10.9 KB)

The LAMMPS developers are continually working to improve the code base. That also sometimes includes refactoring of internal functionality which may render source code that is not part of the LAMMPS distribution incompatible. To make it compatible, the “external” code must be ported to the newer code base. The simplest way to learn what changes need to be made would be by taking a similar set of files from an older version of LAMMPS (that is compatible) and recording the differences as well as read the comments in the commit messages pertaining to those changes. The changes between the 3 March 2020 and 29 October 2020 version were particularly significant, since we changed the minimum C++ standard requirement from C++98 to C++11, converted many temporary char * variables to std::string and integrated fmtlib for type safe and simpler output formatting (fmtlib is part of the C++20 standard, but we include a copy which compiles with C++11).

We cannot force people to do so, but having code adapted to such changes is one of the incentives to integrate additions to LAMMPS into the distribution.