[lammps-users] convert lammps output to .car format

is any way to convert lammps dump to .car (.mdf) format?
How can i get .car,.mdf and .frc files?

I am assuming you want to convert trajectory to MS compatible format.
Did you Try lmp2arc tool? It should probably do what you want do to.

Use the lmp2arc tool.

  1. Have a directory where you have a sample .arc file of your original structure. This can be done by exporting your original structure from Materials studio as a .arc format.
  2. Then for the final dump file, do this: (have your lmp2arc.exe in the same folder or reference appropriately)

lmp2arc.exe -car SiO2.car <dumpnpt.arc


The SiO2.car is your sample .car file exported from MS for the lmp2arc tool to have a start point.
The dumpnpt.arc is the output file.
dump.npt is the your dump file from lammps that you want to convert.